Delivery methods

Checkout Blocks enables a number of customizations to delivery methods powered by Shopify Functions. You can have up to 5 delivery customizations active at once on your store. We currently offer three types of delivery customizations:

Customization types

  • Hide delivery methods: This allows for conditionally hiding delivery methods based on a number of cart rules such as minimum cart totals, shipping destination, or delivery method.
  • Rename delivery method: Rename delivery methods including adding a prefix or suffix.
  • Reorder delivery method: Easily reorder delivery methods alphabetically, by cost, or manually.

Creating a delivery customization

To create a delivery customization, navigate to Settings > Shipping and scroll down to customizations. You will then be able to create a new customization and choose any delivery customization available such as hide or reorder delivery methods. Upon creating a delivery customization, it's disabled. To enable, simply click the green Activate button. If you have a problem enabling your delivery customization, check that you don't already have 5 enabled (Shopify limit).

Supported Rules

The following rules are supported on "hide delivery method" customization. Submit a ticket if you require a specific rule not listed.

  • Cart subtotal: Includes support for multi-currency.
  • Cart total: Includes support for multi-currency.
  • Cart total quantity
  • Cart has selling plan
  • Company
  • Customer is B2B
  • Customer is logged in
  • Customer order count
  • Customer lifetime spend
  • Customer email
  • Customer tags
  • Product collection
  • Product type
  • Product weight
  • Product price
  • Shipping address type: Diplomatic, military, PO Box, USPS gopost
  • Shipping country
  • Shipping province
  • Shipping zipcode
  • Shopify Market