Billing plans

Net 30 Days

It's important to note that Shopify bills for apps on a rolling 30 day basis, not monthly. This means that the specific date Shopify bills for an app changes depending on the duration of a month. Monthly billing really just means net 30 days.


Annual plans

We offer 25% off when selecting a yearly billing plan. This means you are billed upfront for an entire year of usage in exchange for 25% off.


We offer a 50% off discount for any same-brand expansion store such as EU/UK or B2B. Please reach out to support to activate.

Discount codes

If you were given a discount code, simply apply it on the billing page by clicking on the "Add invite code" in the top right:

Invite code

Development stores

If you're on a development store (including Shopify Plus sandbox), the app is free but you will still be required to select a billing plan. On Shopify's billing approval screen, Shopify will state that the billing charge is just a test charge. This will not actually charge your store. Here's an example of what that will look like:

mode sandbox

Pricing Plans

All plans are flat recurring monthly subscriptions with no additional charges. The content and unlimited plan include unlimited order volume while the Revenue growth plan charges based on the online store volume ($200-$500/mo).

Only orders that go through the online store checkout count towards your order count limit. Orders placed on external channels that do not use Shopify's checkout or Shop pay do not count. For example, POS or any recurring subscription orders that are being placed automatically by the 3rd party subscription platform do NOT count towards Checkout Blocks.

Billing table
Selector of monthly orders example

Refund policy

We strive to provide an excellent service for all merchants but we do provide refunds on a case by case basis.

Monthly plans

Refunds are only possible for the most recent billing cycle and exclude Shopify's ~2.90% payment processing fee & any associated regulatory fees (~2-5%).

Annual plans

For annual plans, we refund the prorated remaining portion minus Shopify's ~2.90% payment processing fee, any associated regulatory fees Shopify charges (~2-5%), and 25% due to the initial annual discount at signup. This means you'll typically see ~30% deducted before we prorate the remainder.

One-Time charges

Some features require one-time charges such as address validation. For these, we can only refund unused credit.

We are unable to refund one-time billing charges that have already been used for address validation as these incur external costs with our validation partner.