Line item editing

Checkout Blocks offers the ability to surface a block on every line item that enables editing the cart directly in checkout. While this is helpful for a variety of use-cases, you may want to limit certain options depending on the product or how the product was added to the cart (such as via a checkout upsell). You can leverage display rules to accomplish such scenarios and setup multiple Line Item blocks depending on the cart contents.

Basic Guide

Advanced Guide

Supported options

The following options are currently supported on line item blocks:

  • Line item content: show line item specific content such as final sale messaging.
  • Variant selector: switch product variants.
  • Quantity change: increase or decrease quantity.
  • Removal action: remove the line item from checkout.
  • Complementary upsells: show a line item's complementary product as an upsell.
  • Subscription incentive (in private beta): allow customers to easily opt-in to a subscription if their product is a one-time purchase but selling plans are available.